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Sifu Dave Fenton (Instructor)


Sifu Dave's Story  

I am passionate about supporting the individual and helping them reach their full potential. I have spent 30 years involved in martial arts, self defence, strength and conditioning training. I pride myself in the knowledge that I can teach anyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. I will access your individual learning style because everyone receives, processes and acts on information differently. This is what drives my teaching style to be wholly specific to the individual. Whether it is learning traditional kung fu, self defence or personal training. Everyone has within them the ability to achieve, it is my job to help them unlock their potential and help them grow..


My Journey

School wasn't an easy place for me, I was regularly bullied, and often felt like an outsider. Despite many attempts to find my feet through many mediums and outlets I didn't discover my "tao" (path/way) until much later in life. It was a sequence of events over the years that led me to my calling to teach, nurture and help others find their own potential.
I was about 14 when it was suggested to me that I try boxing, there was a well established club not far from me so I decided to give it a go. From the moment I stepped into that gym I was hooked but little did I know that one defining moment would shape my whole life.
From that moment to this day has seen many key points in my life that have set my path from finding my art of Wing Chun to having hip replacement surgery. Every experience has added to my understanding of the human condition, making me a better instructor and teaching me how to help others achieve.


Sifu Dave Fenton bio

Qualified to teach martial arts by the BNMAA (British national martial arts association) in 1997
Instructor representative for Master Brian Desir EAWCA (East Anglia Wing Chun Athletic)
Life member of the Ip Chun Wing Chun Association
Qualified self protection instructor
Boxing/kick boxing coach
30 years fitness/strength and conditioning experience
​First aid trained
DBS Checked

Other team members

Sihing Andy Capel (Assistant instructor)

Andy is my longest serving student, he has been with me since I startted teaching way back in 1997. I have the utmost respect for Andy and trust his ability to teach without question. 

Terry Valler (JKD advisor)

Terry has a wealth of JKD knowledge, and has trained with the best. I've knownTerry for nearly 30 years now, he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Jarrod Travers (Student coaching mentor)

Jarrod is a dedicated student who trains at every class possible, he has a good eye for detail and is exellent when helping his fellow students